Neuropsychiatry is concerned with the syndromes whereby a disturbance exists between the brain function and behaviour. Epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders are important areas in which Yulius Academy conducts scientific research.

Our approach for the neuropsychiatry research programme focuses on both fundamental and applied research. Different methods are used within our scientific research ranging from literature research to research on interventions and to research by questionnaire. In addition to experimental research, recording of brain activity takes place by means of an EEG.



It is important to implement research findings in the clinical practice, such as the Yulius ADHD outpatient clinic, so that mental health care can be optimised. As part of this research programme, there is ongoing cooperation with a number of universities, national centres of expertise, mental health institutions and independent paediatricians.


The main topics of investigation within this neuropsychiatric research programme are:

·         ADHD

·         Tic disorders (gilles de la tourette)