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The Yulius Academy
The Yulius Academy is the scientific knowledge centre of Yulius, an organisation with expertise in mental healthcare. Yulius is active in the south-west region of the Netherlands and offers a total package of mental healthcare, special education and employment support to people of all ages and in every stage of life with psychiatric problems. Yulius has over 90 locations within the south-west region including, private educational sites, outpatient clinics and mental health clinics, work placements and supervised residential locations. 


The Yulius Academy was founded with the aim to provide support to the process of professionalising the healthcare and educational offering within Yulius through research, innovative projects and training. In order to achieve this goal the Academy focuses on the following main tasks:

·         Conducting scientific research, together with the divisions within Yulius, and often in cooperation with external partners, especially the universities. 

·         Conducting innovative projects within Yulius, in cooperation with the different divisions.

·         Developing training programmes within Yulius, in cooperation with HR.

·         Organising congresses and other activities concerned with the transfer of knowledge.

·         Providing information by way of the Yulius library


More information about the Yulius Academy
Would you like to find out more about the Yulius Academy or about its activities? Please contact us by phone on 088 405 6950 or by email at secretariaatyuliusacademie@yulius.nl.



More information about Yulius
If you would like to know more about Yulius please call us on 088 405 0600.

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