Onderwijs & Psychiatrie


Students with a psychiatric disorder often have many emotional and behavioural problems. They can also suffer from additional learning problems and problems in their social development which may lead to a number of problems in the future. Good education is therefore extremely important for this group in order to improve their future opportunities, Unfortunately, students with these sorts of problems do not always have an easy time at school.


Education and Psychiatry Research Programme

Within the Education and Psychiatry Research Programme, studies are done on students with psychiatric problems in schools. This includes students in the regular school system as well as students with a cluster 4 indication attending special education schools. This research looks at how students function in the education system and which factors influence their behaviour. However, we also conduct research as to what makes children who attend special education feel safe and secure. In addition, we are also interested in students who no longer attend school because of their psychiatric problems.


The problems these students have make great demands on the skills of the teacher. Teachers also play an extremely important role when it comes to creating a good learning environment for pupils with special needs. As part of this research programme, we also look at how the educational requirements of these students can be improved. By using various testing methods, including large randomised trials, we test to what extent the education of these students can be improved by using specific school intervention programmes, such as the Good Behaviour Game.